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Does permanent makeup hurt?


Does permanent makeup hurt?

Thinking about getting permanent makeup can raise questions, with one prevalent concern being, “Does permanent makeup hurt?” Here we will shed light on the experiences of individuals seeking the expertise of a permanent makeup artist in Odessa, FL.

Understanding the Process:

  • Permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo applied to the skin’s outermost layer.
  • The permanent makeup process needs to be applied by a permanent makeup artist. They use special techniques to make it look natural and flattering. So, whether you’re in Odessa FL or anywhere else, finding a reputable tattoo shop with a permanent makeup artist is key for getting the best results.
  • At Illustrated Narrative, we utilize specialized tools, the highest quality of inks, and the incorporation of topical anesthetics to ensure a comfortable experience for clients with natural looking results.
  • When meeting with a permanent makeup artist, discuss the application of topical anesthetics.  We are a tattoo shop who use topical anesthetics, as it ensures our clients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure.

The Sensation During Permanent Makeup:

  • Since our clients are numbed with topical numbing agents, the feeling of permanent eyebrows is like a pin prick sensation.  
  • We have had some clients fall asleep during the permanent makeup process as the applicator gives off a humming sound and we make sure our clients are comfortable
  • By the end of the application, a client can tend to have some rawness in the applied area.  This can feel more like a sunburn or brush burn.
  • Amazingly, the feeling of a permanent tattoo feels less painful than getting your eyebrows plucked.  

Factors Influencing Pain Perception:

  1. Individual Pain Tolerance: some people can experience more or less pain due to their pain tolerance levels
  2. Tattoo Artist’s Technique and Experience: Finding a tattoo shop with a skilled permanent makeup artist that prioritizes client comfort throughout the process, will make the experience more rewarding.

Aftercare and Recovery:

  • Stay away from the water for 14 days.
  • Use an unscented moisturizer
  • Avoid being in the sun or wear sunscreen or a hat to prevent fading over time

Whether choosing a permanent makeup artist in Odessa, FL, or opting for a procedure in a tattoo shop in Odessa, FL, individuals can rest assured that the brief discomfort is rewarded by the enduring beauty that follows. Embrace the journey with confidence, knowing that expertise and client comfort are at the forefront of the process.

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